Capricorn and Pisces Compatibility

Capricorn and Pisces Compatibility

This is a brilliant blend of Capricorn ambition and Pisces vision. Capricorns need to run with the right crowd and they have to have all the appropriate props in place: wardrobe, house, car, etc. Whether they admit it or not, Capricorns are status conscious. They feel keeping up with the Joneses is a waste of time. Such things are all too superficial and worldly. Pisces are much more spiritual and soulful than this. This difference between you can lead to some interesting scenarios. You want to buy a new camera or a special lens to further your creative photography.

Zodiac Compatibility of a Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman

Capricorn and Pisces compatibility would seem to be quite positive at first glance. Well, yes. On both counts. However, in this relationship, the couple are not necessarily as good for one another as you might think.

Both Pisces and Capricorn are quiet in their own ways, at least in the initial chunk of their love relationship. While the Piscean is too shy to open up very quickly.

At the same time, Capricorn feels like their inner mountain goat is constantly head butting against Pisces distant relationship with reality. Pisces finds Capricorns composure and command appealing and scary, whilst the mountain goat admires Pisces artistic passion and output. They make good friends whilst working towards a common goal but often just drift apart when geography, ambition and love interests get in the way.

Attraction often happens when love has bruised and battered one, or both, signs. Capricorn might have just come out of a torrid affair with a ruthless executive directive and be looking for someone gentler and less driven, whilst Pisces might be taking a break from infantile poets and wants someone to take care of them instead. Capricorn is smooth and charming whilst Pisces is sensual and full on, these two are usually brilliant at chatting anyone up — but not with each other. Capricorn blushes and Pisces leaves sentences in up in the air — in a way its embarrassingly cute to watch.

Capricorn often adopts a parental role and sorts out Pisces finances, organizes their underwear draws and encourages the taking of mental health days. Pisces makes Capricorn laugh with their wide eyes innocence and awakens an interest in spirituality. They often move in together rather quickly — the mountain goat wants to ensure Pisces is not sleeping in some cockroach infested squat whilst the Fish craves security and protection.

Capricorn is earth — they are practical, logical and believe actions speak louder than words. Pisces is water — swimming with powerful emotional currents makes them constantly analyse feelings and relationships.

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A Pisces and a Capricorn will have more differences than similarities. If worked out to their advantage this can be complementing to each other. Capricorn with their practical approach will come across as a complete opposite to Pisces who is more a dreamer than a practical person. But as per Pisces and Capricorn love compatibility , in all these differences lie a possibility of a beautiful love match that can last long and be strong. Capricorns are very organized and they do not like when things are not planned and are chaotic.

While Pisces zodiac sign does not really care much about structure or planning, Capricorn does.

Even emotionally cool Capricorn isn’t immune to Cupid and if Capricorn falls in love with sign compatibility warnings aside, this relationship can work.

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Welcome to like you are dating a pisces partner.

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Capricorns and Pisces are a classic duo. There is something about the Capricorn-Pisces combo that makes for a functional, balanced relationship. The key is to see these moments as an opportunity for growth and admire the other person for their differences, rather than in spite of them. The Capricorn and Pisces are likely to foster a connection immediately, not shying away from the more serious and intimate topics that it takes many duos quite some time to get comfortable talking about.

Love match compatibility between Capricorn man and Pisces woman. Read about the Capricorn male love relationship with Pisces female.

A Pisces man is a romantic dreamer who’s elusive and difficult to understand. A Capricorn woman is a wise and understanding woman who’s quiet and astute with a mysterious personality. Both are cautious when it comes to love but when they fall in love magic can happen. In the world of nature, earth contains water and directs its glow, while water softens, nourishes, and reshapes the earth. Earth without water is parched and barren, which means that regardless of how passive a Pisces man might seem, he’s the fueling force behind this relationship.

At their best, a Pisces man and a Capricorn woman complement each other. They have contrasting traits and support each other in almost all parts of their relationship. Perhaps the most positive aspect of their relationship is their unique blend of temperaments. But when it comes to love, it’s a Pisces man’s emotional and romantic nature that creates the magic. A Pisces man is romantic, and he’ll bring out the romance in a Capricorn woman. He’ll show her love and make her feel very special with a continual display of affection, and all of his loving attention will soften a Capricorn woman and teach her how to show love and affection in return.

A Capricorn woman is a pragmatist who sees things as they are, while a Pisces man is a dreamer who often sees things and people as he wants them to be. A Capricorn woman can be his reality check, separate the fanciful from the doable, and help him plan out the best way for him to realize his dreams. He, on the other hand, can teach her that dreams are a prerequisite to accomplishment.

Capricorn and Pisces Love Compatibility

Suddenly Capricorn is wearing an ascot to work instead of a tie, and quoting the poet Rumi during client meetings. This relationship may have to break up and come back together again a few times before it finally settles into an easygoing groove. It literally feels as if you need each other for oxygen sometimes. For the most part this is a harmonious blend of two compatible energies.

Both earth and water signs seek comfort, security and consistency. The two of you provide that nicely for each other.

The Pisces girl has the ability to bring out the romance out of any guy, if not the Capricorn male. The relationship would also be full of passion. This would be a very.

When one thinks of a Capricorn, they think of the CEO type — someone hardworking, practical and ambitious. Pisces, on the other hand, are often thought of as the dreamy artist — they are empathetic, intuitive, and emotional. And yet when the two come together, they mix in ways unimaginable. What one lacks, the other makes up for.

What one wishes they could be, the other is. But while this is a classic case of opposites attracting, the two are the same in the ways that count: they are both honest, dedicated, witty, and when in love, want nothing more than to share their life with their partner. To them, it only feels natural. A love between a Pisces and a Capricorn is one that can be conveyed with a simple touch, a secret glance.

They can communicate without a single word, but not for a lack of things to say — these two can tell each other anything and everything, and they will, without fear of judgment.

Pisces and Capricorn Compatibility – Love, Life and Sex Compatibility

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The relationship the two have is full of compassion and understanding. Capricorns are appreciative of the little things Pisces does for them. In.

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