Jump to navigation. According to the report for the National Health Interview Survey, Legally blind individuals include people who have been blind since birth in addition to those that have experienced severe vision loss due to conditions like glaucoma, retinopathy, and traumatic injury, among others. In fact, the blind can qualify for disability and still continue to work while receiving monthly benefits, provided they meet all SSA requirements. Those receiving disability benefits for vision loss have some different financial limits than those receiving benefits for other reasons. That means that after you have completed your trial work period, you can earn as much as the SGA and not lose your monthly disability benefits. The earnings limit usually changes from one year to the next and those figures are based on the cost of living and inflation. A blind individual can work more and put in more hours for his or her business and still receive disability benefits just so long as his or her net profit averages the SGA or less. These costs include transportation fees, home modifications, and expensive technologies that allow the blind to live independently and perform essential job duties.

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The good news is that just as drivers can cope with blind spots by For instance, if they have a blog filled with useful information and up-to-date news, configured to accommodate persons with visual disabilities and other.

I have two disabilities: I am blind and I am blunt. In my role as a disability rights organizer, it is perhaps the latter that is of greater importance. Today I would like to engage members of the philanthropic community in an examination of disability phobia, which is defined as discrimination or prejudice against people with disabilities. Along with other forms of intolerance, disability phobia is insidious and deeply ingrained in American culture.

From my perspective, foundations that fund civil rights and underrepresented communities have a decision to make: They can deny their disability phobia and not fund the disability rights movement. Or they can ask themselves if they are disability phobic, confront their biases, fund the movement and reshape the future of the American electorate. Because by overlooking the disability rights movement, foundations that seek to fight poverty, create a more equitable society and support disenfranchised communities are missing a golden opportunity for social change.

Surely, there is a segment of the philanthropic community that grants funds in support of people with disabilities. In , for example, 2. With the notable exception of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, very little goes to protecting our civil rights and ultimately integrating us into mainstream American life. The problem is the social and physical barriers that people with disabilities face — from how someone gets into a building to how they are treated in the workplace.

A primary social barrier to the advancement of people with disabilities is socio-economic status. Until foundations provide the disability rights movement the resources to organize — in other words, to increase our civic engagement — the cycle of poverty will continue.

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Online dating websites for the blind and visually impaired offer a chance to socialise and “cyber-flirt” with peers. Nearly all dating websites for the blind and physically disabled offer free membership. Online dating websites for the blind and visually impaired are creating a presence on the Web. Although barely a dozen dating websites for the blind are currently available, the number of registered members on the live chat sites is increasing.

The artist involves disabled people in various practices (for instance, holding choral singing sessions for the deaf or painting workshops for the.

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45 Powerful Mobile Apps for those with Disabilities

This article provides an overview of some of the problems and possible solutions surrounding the neglected issue of combined vision and hearing deficits. The subject is treated by considering each subpopulation, ranging from those who have no residual vision or hearing to those with mild coexisting vision and hearing losses. An attempt is made to relate the different types of visual deficit to the likely problems encountered in real-life activities, such as communication and travel, among individuals who also have a hearing impairment.

The assessment and appropriate referral of patients with these combined deficits is discussed, including the interpretation of visual test results and the importance of factors other than standard visual acuity. Speculation is offered on potential strategies and solutions for rehabilitation as well as the need for future research and improvements in service delivery.

Dual sensory loss is an increasing problem that is in urgent need of more attention by both vision and hearing rehabilitation researchers and professionals.

Adults with developmental disabilities experience more complex medical problems relative to the general population and need more care coordination. ▫ Lack of.

Each of us in one way or another has a blind spot in our lives. When I first came to be blind, I found I was forever running into literal and virtual walls—dead ends that blocked my assimilation into the blind community and hindered my participation in mainstream society. Without my sight, not only did the world become invisible to me, but I learned how it felt to be unseen. So My Blind Spot was founded. My Blind Spot is a place where people of all visual abilities can come together and gain a clear view to independence, empowerment, and inclusion.

It is our hope to be not just a resource, but a force that empowers individuals and society as a whole: one spot where people of all visual abilities can find answers and support.

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Learn more. Permits under the new eligibility criteria provide people who meet the definition on a temporary and permanent basis. You may be able to get an Australian permit if your ability to walk is severely restricted by a medical condition or disability.

Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped Welcome to the Hawaii State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (LBPH)! Designed by architect George W. McLaughlin, the library Date, Time Handicap parking spots, 1.

Explore simple services and strategies available to give Guests with cognitive disabilities a magical experience. Guests with disabilities who are unable to tolerate long lines may be eligible to return to an attraction at a later time. Find out how to rent a single-rider, 4-wheel electric conveyance vehicle that helps Guests with mobility challenges travel long distances with ease. Disneyland Resort offers a number of guides to help make your visit easier and more enjoyable.

You can download them in a printable format here or find copies at Guest Services locations. Should you or any member of your party have a photosensitivity or seizure disorder, we recommend that you check with your personal physician for specific instructions before visiting the Disneyland Resort. Specialty lighting and other visual effects are used extensively. Lighting effects include strobe lights and other pulsating lighting effects, as well as:.

Entertainment, events and performances are continuously changing, and their show environments can vary throughout the day, making it impossible to list all possible lighting combinations. Therefore we are unable to give a definitive listing of strobe or lighting effects that may cause you concern. Common equipment, such as electric motors and radios, that produce electric and magnetic fields are utilized extensively throughout the world and also within our Resorts.

These fields are generally no greater than you would experience in any urban environment or may be exposed to through common household appliances such as vacuum cleaners and hair dryers. If you or any member of your party have questions regarding the above, you may speak with a Guest Relations Cast Member for details. Check out the Disneyland Resort attraction access categories and ambulatory requirements for Guests with mobility disabilities.

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View the live project. In Ethiopia 1 in 20 people have a visual impairment and they are disproportionately affected by social, economic and now digital exclusion. This is due to insufficient ICT training, inaccessible websites, and limited access to the tools and resources they need e. With the help of Data4Change Together!

Housing Accommodations and Modifications for People with Disabilities if you have a mobility impairment or requesting a designated handicapped parking spot​. where one example of a reasonable accommodation is a request by a blind person to The date on which the construction of the inaccessible housing was.

You are probably well aware of the blind spots surrounding your sedan or minivan. Now imagine just how big the blind spots are surrounding a semi-truck. The “No-Zone” refers to the areas behind and beside a commercial truck, where the truck driver has limited or zero visibility:. When a driver is operating a vehicle in any of these areas, they are highly susceptible to an accident. Truckers can’t see vehicles in the side no-zone and may cut them off when making a lane change.

When you drive directly behind and too close to a semi-truck, you are not only hidden from the driver, but your ability to see the traffic in front of the truck is reduced or eliminated. When you are driving near semi-trucks, always be aware of these no-zones. Remember, too, that if you can’t see a trucker’s mirrors, the trucker most likely can’t see you! We encourage you to drive safely around these big rigs and to contact us if you are the victim of truck driver negligence.


The artist resides and works in Warsaw. In his works the artist calls for recognition and respect for the otherness of disabled people, including their right for self-expression. The artist involves disabled people in various practices for instance, holding choral singing sessions for the deaf or painting workshops for the blind , not only encouraging them to transcend the boundaries of their everyday experiences, but also calling for the viewers to question the roles normally assigned to people with disabilities.

In his films, the artist provides the disabled with a platform of self-expression, giving them a voice; he invites us to see them, hear them and accept their otherness. The grotesque nakedness of the bodies, which is the tool that the artist uses, resists social and aesthetic marginalization to which the disabled are subjected to barriers and prejudice created by the society.

Blind Spots. The Phantom Phantom Pain and featured footage of a disabled vet’s escape from the whose methodology is out of date” (emphasis original).

With millions of people all around and a range of different disabilities and needs, it’s important to know how we can utilise today’s technology to better improve our health and well being, which in a nutshell is why we decided to create this post. It’s well known that there is no shortage of applications to benefit those with disabilities, but we decided to choose the 45 most tried, tested and successful mobile applications which users all around the world have benefited from. Navigate the options menu below to find the mobile applications that are most suitable for you The aim of the app is to help blind people with everyday tasks, from navigating in new surroundings to checking the expiry date on a pint of milk.

Hans Jorgen Wiberg, the founder of Be My Eyes, has stated that the app will make a big difference in the everyday lives of blind people all over the world. Voice Dream Reader is the app that allows you to read with your ears. The voice-based mobile app is an innovation for those with physical and learning challenges, as well as those without. It has been hailed by many as the best mobile text-to-speech app, offering a high-quality listening experience which is the perfect solution for those with visual impairments.

Owning Our Origin Stories: Diversability Founder Tiffany Yu

Surviving spouses, so long as they remain unmarried, and dependent children, during their minority, continue this entitlement. Entitlement is also available if the veteran was killed or died within the scope of his military duties, is missing in action, or died from service connected causes as certified by the Department of Veterans Affairs. If subsequent marriage is terminated, surviving spouse may be reinstated. In all cases, annual re-certification of continued entitlement by the VA is required.

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Date: May 06, I have two disabilities: I am blind and I am blunt. In my role as a disability rights organizer, it is perhaps the latter that is of greater importance​.

Friends — This month I wanted to share some thoughts on what I like to call financial blind spots — areas that many of us overlook and fail to address for one reason or another, often leaving ourselves exposed to additional risks or missing out on valuable opportunities. Expressions of opinions are as of this date and are subject to change without notice. Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected. Forgot your password? Enroll Need Help? Advisor Created.

Below are five of the most common that I see and some thoughts on each. Not insuring your income — For many of us, our most valuable asset is our future earning potential. Yet it is extremely common to find workers who have not insured this asset in the form of long-term disability insurance. Taxes can be very complex, but thoughtful planning and strategies can make a huge difference here, and, in my opinion, are one of the most important things for investors to focus on.

Not managing catastrophic risks — In addition to disability, which I mentioned above, there are any number of major risks that can completely derail even the best laid plans. Things like a major health crisis, the need for long-term care for you or a family member, an unexpected death or even a market crash as you near a major goal can all have devastating effects in the unfortunate event they come to pass.

Fortunately there are tools and strategies available that can help mitigate these effects if properly planned for in advance. To me this is possibly the most dangerous line of thinking because the most precious commodity for any investor is time.

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Aloha, Our public libraries are currently only open for Library Take Out. New temporary hours for Oahu public libraries will take effect on August 31, For hours, click here. Although the building is not completely open, there are limited services available. Please check out Library Take Out. Designed by architect George W.

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I still find it surprising when people make assumptions about me. Hearing well intentioned questions about my wife or girlfriend reminds me how powerful blind spots are in our lives. Since sexual orientation is an invisible dimension of diversity, coming out is a process that is never truly finished. Lately I have been using that experience — that moment of feeling misunderstood — to reflect on my own blind spots.

What assumptions do I make about other people that might get in the way of truly seeing them? Because research shows that hidden biases are pervasive and people make unconscious assumptions based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, social class, disability status, and nationality. These blind spots can potentially lead to bad decision making, which is bad for business.

Instead of treating diversity as a value to believe in, we are positioning it as a skill that requires practice. Recognize we all have unconscious bias — The first step is understanding that our brains are wired to make quick decisions without conscious thought, so while we may not be able to erase blind spots, we can slow down to manage them.

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